Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm married to a teacher and proud of it ...

There are times during the year, being married to a school teacher, where it would seem the term "second fiddle" would apply. Not that its intentional or not that teachers put their families on a shelf, its just during these times we share our caring, loving spouse with children ready to be molded with the knowledge teachers are excited to impart. The start of a new school year is one of those times.

I have heard some say that our public school system is simply an old system that has out-lived its usefulness and I guess those people have their points to make. However, I know those people don't live with a teacher! I see the love and care the teacher that I married has in her heart for the children that become part of my family for that school year. In fact, I have always told people that we have 15 to 20 kids every year. I know that these kids aren't "ours", but in a way they do become like our own children. There have even been times when my wife who has taught Kindergarten was even called "Momma". Now most teachers correct those children with a simple reminder of their name and move on about their day. But I see something different. I see those children feeling the care and, dare I say this in this day and age of political correctness, genuine love from a serving teacher.

There are times when this spouse of a teacher would like to be more selfish and hold onto my wife. Then I think of all those little minds walking in during the first day of school maybe even a little ... OK, alot scared. Its then I step aside and watch my wife from my self go off to help those little minds with all the preciseness of a Brain Surgeon, all the academia of a Scholar, all the determination of an Olympian and swell with pride. I then resign to the fact that a new school year has started, and, being honest, I look forward to the next summer break. Even so, I understand that at that time those little minds will be much bigger from knowledge of how to read, count coins, solve math problems, the excitement of Science, Music, Art, and on, and on, and on. So, I sit back and say a prayer for protection and open minds ... and for summer break.

-Jamey Parker

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Very Tired

We were up all night -- about every 2 or 3 hours -- trying to keep Nathan's fever down. I'm very sleepy and definitely exhausted. He's acting more like himself; he's been playing with his trains all day. He's still running a fever -- I think the highest today has been 101, which definitely beats yesterday's high of 103. Someone I talked to today told me that there is a 'fever virus' going around, and that it only lasts 2 or 3 days. We were at McWane Center on Friday, so he could have definitely gotten it. Maybe we're over with the worst of it. We'll see how things go tonight. I think I'm about to take a short nap just in case.

A Very Helpless Feeling

Nathan has a fever tonight. It came on about 5 o'clock or so. It's been between 100 and 103 since then. It's 12:22 right now. I've given him medicine and even put him in a cool bath an hour or so ago. It helped for a little while, but the fever won't break.

I know that fever is his little body's response mechanism, but I hate the feeling of just not being able to 'fix it'. He's not his laughing, jolly self. He just doesn't feel good. I don't know what he is fighting off, but we went to the McWane Center yesterday. Jamey seems to think he picked up something from there. Who knows?! I just want him back to his normal self.

My prayer is that God will touch his little body and heal it. I pray that I'll know what to do and know when I need to do it. I LOVE being a Mommy, but it's times like these that are so stressful. I pray also that God will give me the discernment to figure out if there is any other way I can help. God Bless Nathan and his little body. Amen.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sips and Strokes

When I started teaching I had no idea I'd be where I am now. I'll have to write an entry later and explain the depth that statement holds.

Anyway...during my first two years teaching I met two of the nicest girls (Jill and Wendy), both of which are two of my best friends now. We're at three different schools, and have three totally different sets of responsibilities, but manage to make sure we stay in touch. I love the fact that it may be a month between when we talk to each other, but it only seems like a few minutes have passed when we do get to talk.
Every summer we try to get together as much as possible (to make up for not being able to do so during the school year). We went to Trussville to paint at Sips and Strokes last night. It's a company local to the Birmingham area (I think there is one in Georgia somewhere, though). We had a BLAST!!! It's so funny to watch people all try to do the same thing at the same time. We all painted the same thing, but it all came out so differently because our personalities are so different. If you are interested in seeing how things turned out I posted the pictures on my Facebook page.
If you are local to the Birmingham area or if you are just passing through TRY SIPS AND STROKES!!! There are five or six different places around the Birmingham area.
I'm not being paid to plug them or anything. I just think it's an awesome experience!!!